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April is a natural coach. She was able to identify what was holding me back by displaying her ability to connect and listen carefully in addition to being patient and intuitive.  She helped me to create a new clear vision for my future. She helped unlock my potential. She gave me courage to move forward and follow through with my initial plans. April is someone that you would want in your corner at all times. 

L.Redd Washington D.C.

I dont even know where to start. SoleCoach is hands down the most caring, genuine coach that I have encountered. Her drive to help her clients succeed is truly amazing. I was initially drawn to her IG page because of her positive content and drive to motivate her followers. I booked a session during a time that was very confusing to me. We all know life can be like that sometimes. We spent over an hour on the phone and my life was instantly brightened by how in tuned she was. We went through my life area by area and essentially came up with a plan on how to improve them. Let me just say, so many gems and insights! Our next couple of sessions were just amazing! I recommend SoleCoach to anyone who is serious about changing their lives. She does not play any games, so come with a CAN DO attitude.  

L.Chervil-Gilles Miami

April puts both her heart and skill into everything that she does. She has a superb sense of organization and an unmatched eye for detail. She is what I would call an external scholar; simply meaning she is constantly studying how she can be her best for the benefit of others. In my opinion, April was born to help people move toward the best in themselves. 

Z.Hibler Jackson, MS

I have learned so much in the short amount of time from April, and I’m sending all of my family and friends for spiritual guidance and coaching. Since working with April, my circle has seen tremendous spiritual growth. We are supporting each other in our progression, and learning to fully love and embrace ourselves along the way. 

S.McCray Los Angeles, CA

I have known April for a while, and I know that I met her for a reason! We have so much in common, but I have also learned so much from her about my spiritual awakening. She explained that she was releasing some products and wanted me to try them. Romance and Luck.

Brooke V New Orleans, La

After I did my romance bath I had several men chasing me down to give me their number. My ex contacted me and even though he is no longer romantic interest some healing took place our conversation. The best part of it it all is that my current  love interest out to me and set up an amazing dinner at an amazing restaurant. It was a night to remember. We are currently working on a relationship.

Amy Slidell, La