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   April D. Johnson has years of leadership experience as a General Manager, Area Manager, and District Trainer in some of the top luxury brands in the world. Over the years she has developed countless leaders, build teams and empowered leaders to move to the next level in their career. Known as the "fixer" She was sent to any struggling store and turned it around within the first quarter of being there.  After running muti-million dollar businesses for other people she made the shift to focus on her spiritual practice. 

In 2007 she got diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and had the worst flare up in her life. She was unable to eat, drink water, and the pain was unbearable. While going through this pain she had her first spiritual awakening. After being diagnosed she decided to look for holistic ways of healing. After much research she found alternative ways to deal with her Crohn's Disease. During this time she met her first spiritual teacher Ms. Pat. She showed April how to develop all of her spiritual gifts and use them with integrity to help others.  April become a Reiki practitioner, and ordained minister.  She headed back to school to study hypnotherapy, life coaching, and World religions.

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“Through my pain, I learned that I needed to heal myself....and that is the true calling of a healer.”