Good Luck  Spiritual Bath
Good Luck  Spiritual Bath
Good Luck  Spiritual Bath
Good Luck  Spiritual Bath

Good Luck Spiritual Bath

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Good Luck

The intention of this bath is to help you bring luck into your life. A job interview, casino trip? Whatever you need luck in, this bath will help you. 

Set your intentions and follow the directions below. Believe in your own magic!!!


Size (5.1 x 7.1) Bag


The magic of Spiritual Baths.....


Tribal and Indigenous people have originated different forms of cleansing rituals. Either for restoration, healing and any afflictions. Just like cleaning your body daily, you need to do a cleansing of your energy. Either to bring in, or to get rid of. Routine cleansings of your body helps you with getting rid of any negative energy. Helps you bring in anything you want! All you have to do is believe.

When using our product rub product from your feet upward, to bring in. Set your intentions while relaxing in the hot water. While bathing, have a Light a White candle for protection, Red for romance, and Green For luck.

Once completed take the remainder product and place it back into the reclosable bag. ON the next full or new moon go outside and place back into the earth. Thank the universe (God)


Optimal days to do spiritual baths…

Tuesday- Protection

Thursday- Money/Luck

Friday- Romance


 Spiritual Bath and Washes are meant for external use Only!  NO Refunds. 

Any issues with product send email to

All spiritual baths base ingredient is Lavender epsom Salt, dried flowers, and natural herbs.